This Is What the Founding Fathers Intended – Plodding Government, Compromise, Checks on Government Power

Right now I do not have the time for an in-depth response to President Donald Trump’s statements in the news Trump is now talking about consolidating his power. Hopefully someone with appropriate education and understanding will write one with due justice.

The populist revolt within the Republican Party has been built around a call for “a return” to the U.S. Constitution and the intents of our Founding Fathers.

Where the sentiments expressed in the article misses the bulls eye is that the processes complained about promotes exactly the governing and lawmaking dynamics that the Founding Fathers intended.

From their experience with England, the Fathers were wary of having tyrannical leaders and government. The Fathers did not want a head of state who could issue fiats without resistance or minority voices/interests quashed by the majority.

So they diffused centralized government power – creating checks and balances, spreading the political power around.

While many may complain about how difficult it is for our government to take decisive action, those who favor our cherished rights and limited government should celebrate that obstruction and other processes put into place to protect the people and their liberty from government subjugation do work.

The majority is not supposed to be able to simply impose their wishes – the minority may demand consensus or compromise, appeals may be made on the law or Constitutional principles.

This is what the Founding Fathers wanted in order to deter tyranny and protect liberty.