We Make Racial Issues Way Too Complicated

Simple, common-sense solutions to angst-curdled and fraught-with-antagonism race relations:

  • We should not treat someone of a specific race or ethnicity with any less dignity and respect than you treat persons of any other race or ethnicity – this applies to everyone.
  • We should limit our definition of racism to actions with malice towards a specific race or ethnicity or specifically meant to exclude based on race or ethnicity.
  • People are individuals who come from different backgrounds and have different worldviews of social engagement. If people are well-meaning, we should treat them as such in cases of social faux pas, mistakes and misunderstandings.  These can be worked out in the course of social interaction.  There is no need to make them a capital case if there is no intent to harm anyone.
  • You may have racial issues. But that does not mean others need to be part of them.  You should not take it out on others because of their race.  If someone means no disrespect and does not mean to cause harm in the course of actions that raise racial concerns, you should not judge, condemn and destroy.  Instead, if such incidents do not involve you, keep your feelings to yourself and work it out; if it does involve you, work it out with the other parties.


Below is a column that expands upon my thoughts and another that raises a salient angle on race relations today in America.

We Need A ‘PC’ That Includes White People  

Declining Status Leads to Resentment of Political Correctness


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